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Graphic Designer and photographer with a knack for interpreting ideas and creating visuals. Highly collaborative and adept with Adobe Creative Suite, and capable with Microsoft 360.


I’ve traveled and studied internationally, absorbing the cultures of the countries visited and incorporating them into my work.  As a graphic design intern, I delved into the policy world creating visually appealing interpretations of intellectually dense material. 


Whether collaborating on real estate briefs, guiding a creative director, representing as a school ambassador, brainstorming as a design intern (or simply navigating my entire senior year during the Covid pandemic), I've learned that hard work pays off—in great products, amazing and unique designs, wonderful experiences, unforgettable memories, and powerful results. And at times an award or recognition. 


My passion as a designer is creating and crafting meaningful visual experiences for users - the kind you want to share and tell your colleagues about.


ASK ME ABOUT: My international family experience, my Italian adventures, my penchant for sports, and my favorite musicals.

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